Case Study

Warwick Bridge Corn Mill

Well we’ve worked on some old buildings but this one would take some beating.  Now a grade II* building, the original development dates back to the 12th century with the ‘newest’ building having been built in 1839.

A corn mill is driven by the original but restored water wheel, rotated by ‘Cairn Beck’ which flows underneath (This water course can be diverted when necessary and the wheel switched off).  The building and it’s workings had fallen into dereliction but in 2019 was restored to it’s former glory by a team of experts chosen for their particular area of specialism.

Assure Building Control were there throughout this project applying a common sense approach to modern compliance for a building built long before regulations existed.  The ancient mechanism inside the building has been lovingly restored and now, when the water flows, the huge clockwork-like cogs and shafts creak and grind and the whole building seems to awaken……. and produces flour. It’s a joy to watch and was a privilege to be part of.

Historic Property Restoration Ltd
Warwick Bridge Corn Mill
Mosedale Gillatt
Contract Value £350,000

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