SmartCheck the Smart Choice for Architects and Builders

Smartcheck is a unique offering from Assure Building Control. It has been developed in conjunction with customers over a period of years and focuses on pressing the design strategy of a building to attain greater value and make savings.

Building Regulations have a dramatic effect on design and Assure Building Control recognise that as part of its responsibility.

On a larger project in particular substantial savings can be made by the efficient application of building regulation guidance. Ian Ross, director explains ‘there’s usually more than one method to comply with building regulations, but our Smartcheck service goes beyond that. We challenge the very root of the design strategy to determine what  is actually needed by the client and from there we can explore an entirely different approach.’ The Smartcheck service is based upon a conference; in-house’ so that the advice we give is tested.

Assure Building Control’s ‘Smartcheck’ has added £1M to the value of a residential development in Brighton. Assure advised that by altering the means of escape layout and reshaping the vertical escape provision, very valuable space could be given over to the net floor area. In effect flats could be made significantly larger by adding bedrooms, which in Brighton’s property market made a considerable difference to the potential sale price. Needless to say, the developers were delighted.