With large and more complex processes, you need to start thinking about compliance from day one. Appoint Assure Building Control and we’ll give you confidence as we guide you towards compliance.

At Assure Building Control, we know our ABCs…


Get the benefit of early consultation and bring us in near the start of your project. Getting things right from the outset can save you time and money and reduce the risk of unexpected headaches down the line.
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Building Owners & Developers

While regulations are more strictly enforced than ever, building regulation approval doesn’t have to be a nightmare if you partner with our experienced team.

We’ll help you remove hassle, reduce risk, and stay compliant the easy way, with a clear focus on both safety and simplicity. We’ll support you to achieve the most efficiently compliant building possible without asking for anything above the standards set in building regulations.


We created our FastCheck service to make tendering your work a breeze. What you need to know at this stage is that the design will achieve compliance across major issues.

We’ll check specifically with these key points in mind, focusing on overall fire safety, structure, access, energy, site location, stairs/guardings, etc so you can get these critical points right from the start.

The earlier you speak to us, the more costs and problems you can avoid.