Getting the certificate you need with Assure Building Control is as easy as ABC:


When carrying out building works that require approval, you get to choose who to work with. You can work with the Council, OR you can work with a fully-licensed independent provider such as Assure Building Services.

This means that if you Appoint Assure Building Control, the Council will not check your plans nor carry out any inspections — this will all be taken care of by our team of fully-qualified surveyors.

To appoint Assure Building Control, use our simple Online Tool to first get a quote and then authorise us to begin working on your behalf.


We get to work, fast. This means consulting with the various authorities (such as the Water Authority and the Fire Authority depending on the type of building you propose), and thoroughly checking your plans.

We’ll also send our qualified building inspectors over to your property at key stages in the project, doing everything we can to accommodate your schedule.

Our inspections will be carefully chosen based on the type of building, the builder’s experience, and the complexity of the project. A site inspections framework will be arranged at the beginning of any project to monitor compliance throughout. 

You may also need to call us out depending on how work progresses. We remain flexible and attentive to reasonable amendments throughout the process.


This is what you came for, and our goal is to help you get it. Once our process is complete and the requirements are met, we’ll issue your valuable Final Certificate without nonsense or hesitation.